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The CMR North focus on 3 Programs: Child Protection, Family Preservation & Poverty Relief. Through a holistic approach and via 15 Centres of Hope situated in 3 provinces- our network of social workers aims to give HOPE to people in despair.

Since the National Lockdown, families dependent on us for food and basic needs have increased to 400+, and more than 1500 individuals. We are deeply committed to support children and families in need- and will continue to do so with your help!

You can support CMR Noord in just 4 easy steps:

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6kg Fresh Vegetable Bag for CMR Noord


Product Description

The Veggie bag consists out of:

  • One (1) Big Beautiful Butternut
  • Three (3) Grande Gem Squash
  • Three (3) Happy Onions
  • Three (3) Succulent Sweet Potatoes
  • Eight (8) Prima Potatoes

All together a mouth-watering meal in the making. Supplied by Farmwize

1kg Chicken & Veg Soup for CMR Noord


Product Description
This is a hearty, wholesome and deliciously nutritious chicken soup. It consists of tender chicken fillets, happy onions, exuberant mixed peppers, cheerful carrots, beautiful bulky butternut, crunchy cabbage and of course tons of love.

All mixed together and cooked perfectly to give you a tight and lasting taste-hug, making social distancing a little easier ? Veggies supplied by Farmwize and cooking done by ButlerFoods.  Both proudly!

10kg Potatoes for CMR Noord


Product Description

This 2kg bag contains the purest goodness from the ground – “Gesondheid uit die grond uit!” 😊 Big, bashful, good white potatoes, old school – the way we enjoy them. 

Bake them, braai them, mash them, sweeten them, whichever way you prepare them, delight will be the end-result! Proudly supplied by Farmwize.   

1kg Mince for CMR Noord


Product Description

1kg Vacuum Packed Lean, Meaty Beef Mince. 

This is a high-quality, great-tasting, extremely versatile product comprising of 90% meat and 10% fat.  It is perfect for use in curry & rice, bobotie, lasagne, macaroni & mince, savoury pancakes and of course a well-known SA favourite – vetkoek & mince!  

2.5kg Maize Meal for CMR Noord


Product Description

2.5kg Maize Meal, proudly supplied by Pride Milling ? This can feed up to 30 hungry tummies at a time! Because Pap and ANYTHING is always a good idea and a delicious meal!

Eskort Hamper for CMR Noord


Product Description

The meaty Value hamper, proudly supplied by Eskort.

This bag of ‘carnivorial’ goodness consists of 500g Liver Spread, protein packed, 500g French Polony, for the morning-, noon- & night sandwich, 750g Chicken Polony, the perfect space filler, 500g Smoked Russians, an all-time breakfast champ! 500g Red Viennas, for anytime delight.

All this greatness packed into a lovingly prepared hamper!

2.75kg Peanut Butter for CMR Noord


Product Description

A 2.75kg tub of creamy, rich and soft peanut butter.  Perfect for sandwiches, with syrup or jam or just random moments of plenty spoonful deliciousness!

3kg Apricot Jam for CMR Noord


Product Description

A 3kg jar of sweet, sticky, soulful & sincere Apricot Jam.  It’s an oldie, but a goodie. On something or on its own, it hits the spot, every time!

For information & updates on COVID-19 and the lockdown, please click here to visit the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal.