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We share a dream with every South African. 

We^Can be a great nation!

We^Can is an organisation that makes it possible for South Africans with a CAN-DO attitude, to impact our nation and participate in opportunities to solve challenges, forever.

We are not impressed or intimidated by our problems. We see them as invitations to fully step into our purpose as a nation and show the world that We^Can. We have been born for a time such as this.

Join us in eliminating challenges one by one. We^Can South Africa!

Challenge Accepted. Since 2020

📌 A message from us.

To the We^Can community.

It has been 6 wonderful months and thousands of lives touched by generous contributions on behalf of the Heroes you supported.

We have come to the end of this season of We^Can and accomplished amazing things in a time when it was most needed.

The new season is aimed at the continued support of the NPO’s we Hero, in a fresh new approach, fitting to the current times.

We are taking a short break from LIVE challenges to come back stronger, with great new collaborations.

Keep watching this space…

We^Can was launched at the start of the Covid-19 Lockdown period in South Africa and makes it possible for anyone to purchase food items online, at drastically reduced prices, on behalf of We^Can Heroes who take care of people in need.

We^Can takes on one LIVE challenge at a time and aims to raise a certain number of items, within a given time frame, for a specific We^Can Hero.

I want to help:

Become part of the We^Can community:

Step 1:
Find the current LIVE Challenge on the We^Can home page.

Step 2:
Add the food items to your cart and purchase on behalf of the Heroes

Step 3:
Invite a friend to do the same. It takes a community…

Please consider sharing We^Can so that we can reach more people, grow the We^Can community, and help more people:

I am a Supplier:

Become a We^Can supplier:

Step 1:
Register as a We^Can Supplier.

Step 2:
We^Can lists your product online so that the We^Can Community can purchase it on behalf of a Hero.

Step 3:
Once it is time for delivery, you will receive an official PO from We^Can.

Step 4:
We^Can will communicate the delivery or collection arrangement, followed by confirmation of payment from We^Can.

I look after people in need:

Become a We^Can Beneficiary.

Step 1:
Apply to become a We^Can Beneficiary.

Step 2:
Once approved, We^Can will create an online LIVE Challenge so that the We^Can Community can purchase food items on your behalf. 

Step 3:
Once the LIVE Challenge has ended,  you will receive/collect the items from We^Can for the people in your care.

South Africa, you have raised this amount of food in kg’s on We^Can for the Heroes since #lockdown

What a privilege to serve each other in a time such as this!

This is what makes us South African.

For information & updates on COVID-19 and the lockdown, please click here to visit the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal.